New Delivery Service

We are accepting online and telephone orders. A mobile app is coming soon.

the pizza room delivery mile end

Online Shop & Delivery

The Pizza Room
Mile End
2a Grove Road,
E3 5AX, London
020 8981 7566

Delivery Areas:

the pizza room delivery poplar

Online Shop & Delivery

The Pizza Room
167 East India Dock Road,
E14 0EA, London
020 7987 1366

Delivery Areas:

the pizza room delivery surrey quays

Online Shop & Delivery

The Pizza Room
Surrey Quays
237 Lower Road,
SE16 2LW, London
020 3643 9509

Delivery Areas:

the pizza room delivery new cross

Online Shop & Delivery

The Pizza Room
New Cross
459 New Cross Road,
SE14 6AJ, London
020 375 49203

Delivery Areas:

We are acting as fast as we can to support our local community. We are setting up a delivery system that will allow you to order directly from us.

Please be patient until we fine-tune it. We will make mistakes and get lost a few times, so please be understanding! To thank you for your kindness a FREE drink will be added to every pizza you order!

When and Where

🍕 Starting from the 20th of March we will employ a delivery driver per shop for orders from 5 pm to closing (Yes, we are creating jobs!).
🍕 We will deliver to a small area to start with and will extend it gradually. Please check our website/Facebook regularly for updates. Please do not be upset if your order is declined for being too far away. Instead, order from other available websites or Better, come for collection!

Rules of the game

For the first purchase

🍕 You will be asked your name, phone number (This will be your ID!), email and home address. Please be patient for your first order as it is all new to us too! Most of us will need you to spell your name loud and clear! Apologies in advance.
🍕 You can then place your order.
🍕 Lastly, you will be asked your card details (long number, expiry date, 3 digits at the back, your door number, postcode).
🍕 If you want the pizza asap, ask the waiter the ETA.
🍕 If you want the pizza later in the day, please tell the waiter now.

For recurring purchase

🍕 Call your local shop (Please check twice!!) and ask for a delivery.
🍕 Call your local shop (Please check twice!!) and ask for a delivery.
🍕 Give your ID (The phone number you gave us the first time).
🍕 Follow step 3 to 6 above.


Q: What if I change address or mobile?
A: just tell us during the order and we will fix it.

Q: How much will this service cost?
A: Only £2.49 per delivery.

Q: How much will you pay the drivers?
A: we pay £5 per delivery.

Q: Is there a minimum spent?
A: Yes, it is £15 only.

Q: Will the pizza cost the same as in the shop?
A: Exactly the same!

Q: Will you charge the service charge?
A: No.

Q: Is there a way to get it cheaper?
A: Collection!

Q: What is in for me?
A: You get to talk with a nice person on the phone; you can get personal advice on what’s new in the shop; you will get random prizes; Free Drinks for our pioneers; direct problem solving with the source; trustworthy delivery person; you won’t get it cheaper anywhere else!