Pizza Bases

Thick, thin, large, small, flourless or even naked.
We’ve got it all covered!

Traditional 12” PRO-X base

Our Trademarked base, specifically developed to be light and digestible. Our dough follows a process of levitation and fermentation that lasts for 72hours and our pizzaioli are carefully trained in the art of dough making. The base has been engineered so as to be light and fragrant, as delicious as the bread available in the best bakeries in Milan. The story goes that our master chef had to try thousand of the base before meeting the scrupulous taste of Pam, which wanted this, and this only result!

La Leggera (Light) 12”

A rindless base that uses 30% less dough still giving you the same size pizza! Comes with FREE freshly made grissini

La Grande (Schiacciata) 14”

The larger, thinner and crispier crust, most loved by Awet and Luca.

La Piccola (baby) 8”

A mini-me base perfect for a light lunch or for a hungry child! Available only with the lunch deal or the kid’s menu

Gluten-Friendly Base 12”

Our original flourless base, made with certified gluten-free flours and crafted into a delicious and tasty thick base.

Naked Keto 9”

A sensational crustless base that is a Godsend for pizza lovers on a low carb diet. This pizza comes with a double layer of freshly roasted courgettes and mushrooms instead of the traditional base, topped with our classic ingredients and then baked in our 400degrees oven.

Custom Shapes 12”

For a special occasion, you can request your pizza to be shaped like a Heart, a Bear, an Octopus, a Cat or a Clock!! Only available on regular pizzas and only in selected shops.