Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

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For the community. Always.

Dear all,
Thank you for your constant support and the commendable endurance you have shown in the last difficult weeks.

We appreciate that all of you understood the need for being flexible and adaptable in this unprecedented situation.

Everything is new to us too and we are moving as fast as we can to interpret the government guidance, that is now happening daily and suddenly. We only know what is available on the official government website.

The government has now implemented a full lockdown for all the UK. Everybody must stay at home at all time, with the exception of working. All non-essential shops must close. Food delivery and takeaway can remain operational.
(latest guidance here).

Our Dilemma

We have always been clear and honest about the situation and we will always be true to our core values. We are torn between our social responsibility (#stayathome) and our community commitment (#supportthelocals).

Our Staff safety

Please do not think for a moment that we are looking at our own profit or that we put business before staff. It is actually quite the opposite. We are trying to ensure that all the staff will have enough income to survive. The only way for us to do this is to stay open to secure enough cash flow to pay wages, rents and overheads, at least until funds hit our accounts. Please do not give it for granted that we will be able to get funding. We are afraid we might have to pursue other solutions. There are technical difficulties that we need to unfold to be able to take the right decision, like funding and deadlines from the government. As of today, there is no clarity about when and how we can get support.

The safety of the staff is paramount. Since well before the government intervention, we have sent out clear instructions and constant updates on how to keep safe during this pandemic. We keep monitoring that all are regularly washing their hands with soap for 20 seconds, we have explained how to avoid the contagion and we have provided the best tools available for protection, like screens (where possible), gloves and distancing measures. Every official update, we immediately post in the team chat.

We have made sure that our staff is in the position to chose to work or not, based on a fully informed decision.
We cannot stress enough that is their right to do whatever is the best for themselves and they will not be judged nor penalized for this. They have our full support.

If anybody feels unwell and present high temperature or new persistent cough, must self-isolate for seven days and not come to work, to avoid spreading the infection. If anybody feels distressed or worried for the well-being, they have the right to stay at home. Nobody will lose their job in choosing to stay safe. We support this fully. 

Supporting a local community that #stayathome

On the other side, we want to stay true to our word that we won’t leave our community, that rely on us for their meals in this period of need. Do not forget the thousands of elderly and vulnerable people that will be locked in their homes for 12 weeks. Some of them will not have else than a few meals from delivery restaurants, like us. Is not about survival only, but about being persons with needs and wishes. As well as some would suffer without cigarettes, so others would struggle without pizza. It is not at all trivial. By keeping a delivery service in the community, we allow everybody else to stay at home, to beat this virus.

We are monitoring the situation constantly. For the time being, due to the lack of certainty, we decided to stay open. This will minimize the risk of cutting the staff and in the meantime maintain the service for the community. But it can change tomorrow.

Your contribution is needed

I am struggling and I need your help. I find myself unable to see clearly in this situation as too many people are at risk here. Staff, Neighbors, Community. Whatever I chose, someone will be hurt. It’s painful and unbearable.

I turn to you, to help me choose wisely. Please do reply to this one question HERE and share some wisdom.

It is a very difficult time for everybody. We understand that each of you may have a personal situation and individual issues to deal with.

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for such wonderful support during the years.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay at home.